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Unexplained Paranormal Experiences



If the answer is YES please email us with your story and we will publish it on this page. Our email address is


Below are some very interesting accounts from some of our visitors:-

I visited the beautiful manor today Sunday 14 July 2013 with my husband and 9 year old daughter.  When we started the tour I felt fine but when we reached the balcony room with the amour I started to feel very dizzy and wobbly, hot and a heavy feeling which continued into the Chippendale room. We continued the tour and the feeling stayed with me. On entering the Tudor room our guide showed us the photo with the face which I said straight away looked too perfect which is very unlike me! I took a photo in the hidden room which I think shows an orb and when I took another one it had gone. As soon as we left the house I felt better. My husband said to me tonight that I was very odd throughout the whole tour and wasn't really listening which is very unlike me and I kept disappearing back into the rooms to take photos! I'd like to say sorry to our guide as he was very good! When we've been in the past I've felt fine. Ruth, Gary and Katie Tavistock Devon


 In 2010 I visited Chambercombe with four other members of my family it was a cold dank day, when we went into the first room (kitchen) there was a fire burning, the wood that was being burnt was very over powering to me as i'm very sensitive in general to perfumes and smells which in turn made me feel nauseous.
By the time I got to the room with the crib I felt I needed to leave because of the smell (which is a shame because the tour was excellent and very interesting) I mentioned this to the tour guide and left but asked shall I go down the stairs straight into the kitchen and she said no and said it was best to go through the room with the little girl had died, and when she suggested this to me for a very split second I felt Like I didn't want to go in that room on my own so by this time everyone had left the room and I walked into the other room, as I was about to walk through the door down the stairs the chest next to me the handles on the first four draws the handles slammed very hard some ended up some ended down and the noise was loud and I said oh, I didn't feel scared and it happened in seconds and really I didn't think anything of it,my only worry was being told off by a member of staff (because of the noise) that i touched the cabinet itself but I wasn't. No window was open in this room as it was cold, out of interest I went onto you tube to search about the manor and the most haunted programme came up and the medium ironically said on the programme about a little girl and and her friend and that they try getting attention my moving things in the room and even tapping the handles on the chest which happened to me.
Just wanted to share my story



Having seen your website I thought you would like to know of the experiences I had whilst visiting your manor.
My first visit was in 2010 when I was a new mum and came on a tour with my Father and Husband. The tour was interesting and enjoyable but I didn't feel anything walking round - it was only when I came near to the secret room that I began to cry, quite without control, and felt utter despair, loss and sadness. I was overcome with the intensity of these feelings and when I went back outside couldn't wait to hug my child. I also felt a small child run past me in the room with the tall drawers - neither my husband or father felt anything.
We then returned in  2012 and just my mother and I came for a tour. This time we didn't get a guide but were able to wander ourselves and take our time looking at the house. We were in the room with the cot happily chatting to one of the volunteers listing to the historic stories when I felt someone/something touch my neck under my hair - I jumped round to see nothing there! I was slightly alarmed but the gentleman I was talking to just smiled!
I absolutely love Chambercombe Manor and the cream teas are wonderful......happy hauntings!


This was Felix's experience in 2009

Although we visit Ilfracombe every year we haven’t been to Chambercombe Manor, one of England’s most haunted sites,  for three years and I can vouch for the reputation from my own and frightening experience!

 Back in October 2009 my friend had booked the last conducted night tour of the year for him and us (me, wife, daughter, grandson of 14 and dog of about the same age).

After viewing all the rooms of that most fascinating property (it was our second visit) and a nice warm bowl of soup in the cafe off went our group of about 12 in complete darkness, led by a nice man, a psychic, flashlights at the ready.

Nothing happened until we stopped at the infamous ‘Silent Pool’ on the way back from a spot, supposed to be haunted, when I had a most unnerving experience: a tingling sensation on the top of my head, a cold shiver running down my spine and a feeling of being held back.

 The guide cheerfully told me that it was “a spirit going through me” which would leave me as soon as we passed a certain gate which it did. On we went to the wreckers’ ‘Hanging tree’ where sensitive visitors on previous occasions claimed to have smelt rum and/or blood.

 Again nothing happened and our old dog settled down under the branches.

We were about to approach the last stage of our tour when I had the same ghostly experience! The guide had just mentioned that “they” were not happy and we better go back when all of a sudden our dog turned and dragged my wife behind her – definitely “something” was there!

I never had an encounter with a spirit in my life and I laugh at the “ghostly orbs” which are only dust invisible to the naked eye, picked up by the sensor of digital cameras (only) but that was for real.

 The story doesn't end there.  My daughter mentioned discreetly to us that she had seen a red light hovering over the head of the lady guide (another psychic), explaining the history of the manor but naturally did not tell our grandson.

Slightly shaken we went back to our hotel when hours later he woke up,screaming that a red light was going round the room!
I rest my case.


 A Visitor to the Manor (11th July 2012)

I really enjoyed the tour.  I felt dizzy in the Chippendale room and heard a chair being dragged across the floor in the Tudor room.


A Visitor to the Manor (5th July 2012)

Looking into the hidden room I heard someone breath deeply into my right ear.  I thought there was someone standing  behind me when I looked round there was nobody there.  


Austin (11th May 2012)

In the Chapel area I felt very heavy on the chest as if someone pushing on it.  I also caught some orbs in the Tudor room.  We were all standing in the Chippendale room chatting when we noticed that one of the handles has been put up.


From Callum  (13th April 2012)

A Man came from the dressing room into the Chippendale room and sat on a chair by the doorway.  He then followed us onto the landing near the suit of armour.  He sat in the chair watching us and then followed us the the entrance door where he stayed.


From Philip S (18 November 2011)

I had come to Chambercombe Manor as a trip with Summer Club to have a tour around the House. I was quite fascinated at all the Stuff that had happened in this Manor over the Years. The Story of Kate and her death was quite creepy and scary. During the story of it me and a few of my friends felt the floor thud three times and the area get cold around us. (We were also sitting between the door and the baby cot at this point.) I thought it was just my thoughts tricking me but then my friends also said they felt it too.

After this experience nothing else spooky happened but as the group left I shined my torch at some windows and in the middle top window I saw what appeared to be a girl with a pale white face holding a candle staring down out of the window. I kept my light shined on the window and turned around for one second to show my friend but as I turned my head back to the Window to see the girl she had vanished but the candle was still there. My friend told me I must be seeing things so we quickly rushed to catch up with our group.

As we got back with our group I took one last glance at the Manor and heard what appeared to be waters crashing really hard. I looked at the pool and all the water areas there and the water seemed to be calm but with the horrible noise echoing on. I decided to look through the window where I had seen the girl I noticed that the candle had now vanished.

I decided to show my friend and he looked at where the candle used to be, he too, had noticed it was gone.


Jenny N - 13 October 2011

I sat in the cursed chair, and I started feeling sick and my hands, legs and feet started shaking. Lesley our tour guide observed that I was looking very upset and that she thought I was being taken over by something. My head also felt as if it was being pushed down. Throughout the rest of the tour there were many cold spots.

My skirt was pulled in the Chippendale room. Both Lesley and me smelt lavender at the top of the staircase going down to the kitchen. When I reached the kitchen I felt I was being stopped from leaving. I took lots of really interesting photos capturing numerous orbs.

A fabulous tour given by Lesley. Shirley - Mid September 2011 Last week I took a holiday with a friend in Woolacombe and we visited Chambercombe Manor to take thetour around the house. This was our second visit to the house and enjoyed the visit so much a few years before that we decided to visit again.

Whilst in the Great Hall I was standing by the window and felt so very cold the hairs on my head stood on end, I then experienced this feeling again in the bedroom. My friend and I then got on with our lives thinking no more of the experience other than it must have been how the lady was telling the story.

On our second visit again whilst standing in the same room, the fire was lit and did not strike me as cold upon first entering, I had the same feeling of the hairs on the back of my head standing on end. Whilst our guide was talking I had the feeling that someone was looking over my shoulder, so I kept moving around. This is the funny thing out of the corner of my eye I saw a light pass very quickly from the door of the chapel straight across the room to the fireplace. I did not mention this to my friend until days later when I was reviewing the photos on my camera.

At this time she confirmed to me that she had been standing by the fireplace and had also seen the light which she described as 'a flicker out of the corner of her eye.'


Mrs Anne Watt - Friday 29 July 2011 at 11 am

After the initial talk from our guide Lesley in the Great Hall the group went upstairs onto the Balcony Room and then into the Chippendale Room. Lesley mentioned many features of the room, beams, furniture etc and also that some people felt queasy in there.

Possibly that the beams had come from an old ship. From then on my legs became very wobbly and I would tilt forwards, backwards and sideways. My arms seemed to drift away from me as if they were gently being lifted .

This continued throughout all the rooms. When I was stepping (up ?) into the Hidden Room I dropped to my knees. I did not trip or stumble ,I definitely dropped , which was quite painful. Again the feelings of wobbly limbs continued in the Kitchen and Chapel.

I remember propping myself up against the stooped Chapel wall. When the tour returned into the Great Hall I sat down in one of the Wainscot Chairs and explained to Dad what had happened. He didn’t believe me until I stood up and went again. I decided to write in the Guest Book. I wrote my details but found then that I was unable to write the word Fascinating.

It was as if someone else was holding the pen and they couldn’t spell that word. I managed to finish my comment and then I started to write Mr Barrington (Dad) in the book but the last part of his name seemed to drop down the page. Once we came out of the Manor I was fine ,I managed a cream tea and also a walk around the gardens !! At no time during my experience did I feel frightened, sick or giddy.


Mr Roger Watt

Whilst Lesley was talking in the Great Hall I felt a dog lick my leg (I was wearing shorts that day). I asked Lesley if any dogs had lived in the house and she said that a Jack Russell dog lived in the house along with other animals. I didn’t mention what had happened to anyone until we had left the house.

Also when we were in the Chippendale Room I felt slightly wobbly and then all the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I felt as if something went through me. It seems that almost as soon as this happened my wife started her experience.


Note from Lesley Tour Guide:

I remember Anne very well - we get lots of reactions to the house, but that was unusual. She was literally collapsing in a heap everywhere we went - until she got outside the door, when she was perfectly okay again. Thankfully she's been fine ever since! And thank you to Anne and Roger for taking the time to write this out for us