The Chambercombe Trust relies on donations to help fund our various projects.

We would like to restore an old Georgian quilt which four American ladies made by stitching squares of material together by hand and included a picture of each of the ladies dresses that they had worn at Chambercombe.  When the quilt was finished they gave it to the owner of the Manor to say thank you for their hospitality.  The quilt can still be seen today on the old four poster bed in the Victorian room at Chambercombe Manor.  Time and damp conditions have taken it’s toll on this beautifully crafted quilt and it needs to be restored to it’s former glory before it gets beyond repair.


To raise money for this purpose 2 friends of Chambercombe are offering two free prize draws taking place on the 23rd August and 28th September 2017. Any UK resident making a donation before these dates will automatically be entered and the winner will be announced on this page within a week of both Free Prize Draws. For full information about the Draw, please visit